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Why is Getting Rid of Roaches so Difficult?


Have you ever wondered why there are so many cockroaches around you? Why in spite of all efforts cockroach control is never possible and you get a glimpse of this creature, at some point or the either. Well- a recent study has proved that cockroaches are quite like human inhabitants and they know how to survive, in any condition. cockroach controlThey are highly adaptable and can survive just anything – so, no matter what way humans find to get rid of them, they have their own survival tactics.


Cockroaches have a tendency to stay at places where they grew up in, just like humans who often tend to segregate themselves – people of same classes and groups tend to gather and stay together and so do these cockroaches. There are several interesting stories about cockroaches and their survival strategies. Mark Stoeckle, who is a senior research associate at Rockefeller University says that “Once they move in, they don’t leave,” He further adds that the cockroach society is quite similar to that of humans. Before planning about getting rid of roaches, you need to understand why it is so difficult to get rid of them.

Cockroach Control Methods Can Be Different Depending On The Roach

Research in New York has revealed that a cockroach which is found on the Upper Side is genetically different from the ones which are found in Roosevelt Island and so are their survival strategies. They know how to adapt themselves in a particular environment. While trying to find ways on how to get rid of cockroaches, it is important to know about how they live and tend to interact with the environment around and how they develop resistance and adapt themselves. Unless you understand this, you will never be able to control cockroaches unlike rodents or other pests, which are easily controlled by traps.

 Getting Rid Of Roaches

If you need to get rid of cockroaches, traps are less useful as they have been in the past. Cockroach traps use glucose which is a type of sugar to trap cockroaches. Cockroaches have recently developed a strong resistance to glucose, which saves them from these traps. Cockroaches are known for their high adaptability and they can adapt themselves to the situation extreme quickly. If you plan to use the roach motel traps, you need to keep changing the sugar which is used but you will soon notice that the cockroach soon adapts itself and the trap is not successful in trapping it. These smart creatures always find a way how to adapt themselves.


Professional pest control products are often necessary for controlling the breeding of cockroach on a long time basis or else infestation will occur again and again. Though home remedies work, there is always a chance of these returning again and again. Cockroach eggs take time to hatch and have the capacity of surviving long. So, even if you believe there are no cockroaches around and your control methods have worked, you need to wait for a month or two. Cockroaches can be completely eradicated using pest control products, such as Temprid Ready Spray, which is incredibly user friendly. Although most pest control products are targeted at professionals, residential users also have great success with these products. If you can do it yourself, why not?

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