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Temprid Ready Spray with NEW Bag on Technology

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Product Information


Temprid Ready Sprayer combines the superior performance of Temprid SC with the easy-to-use Read
y Spray technology. Its dual mode of action has been proven to be brutally effective on bed bugs and their eggs. It even kills bed bugs that are resistent to to pyrethroid insecticides.

Temprid's success is due to its unique dual-action approach. By combining the fast-acting broad-spectrum control of beta-cyfluthrin with the systemic residual control of imidacloprid, Temprid offers a compound that kills quickly and offers up to six months of residual protection.

Now, the power of Temprid is easier to use than ever, thanks to the new Ready Spray technology. This unique approach has many advantages over traditional aerosol bed bug sprays. It can be used while upside down or on its side, making application in tough-to-reach spaces a breeze. It contains no solvents or propellants, so you are getting nothing but Temprid, with no added cost. The Ready Sprayer empties completely every time - no clogging or fizzing out.

Temprid has been a huge hit in the commercial market.
With Bayer’s Ready-to-Spray technology, there’s no mixing or shaking needed. You don’t need any other equipment, and there’s no prep time at all. Just grab the can and start spraying. The Ready Spray tech is unique in that it doesn’t use solvents or propellants, which normally take up a lot of the can’s volume. That means that when you buy Temprid, all you get is Temprid - the can doesn’t have any filler chemicals that you didn’t ask for. Incred
ibly effective - not just against bed bugs, but against many household pests. Now, the power of Temprid is available in a much more convenient package: Temprid Ready Spray.

We really appreciate the trouble Bayer has gone to to develop a great spray product. Temprid Ready Spray can be used while upside down, on its side, and in all sorts of goofy angles, and never hiccuped once in our testing. Bayer claims that it is clog-proof, and will empty every time. We haven’t spent too much time with the product, but so far we have not experienced any clogs.

The Ready Spray package includes two applicators: a low-volume nozzle for cracks and crevices, and a high-volume nozzle for open perimeter spraying. The low-volume tube is great for filling in those tight spaces that bed bugs love to hide in, like in between baseboards, moldings, and the seams in upholstery. The high-volume applicator was really impressive - the Ready Spray is powerful, and can spray up to 12 feet out. This makes perimeter spraying a cinch.

Since it uses the same dual-action compound as Temprid SC, Ready Spray is effective against bed bugs of all life stages, including eggs. When used properly, it will knock out most of a bed bug population on contact, and provide residual control for up to six months. It is proven effective against strains of bed bugs that are resistant to traditional pyrethroids.


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