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Maxforce Impact Roach Bait Gel 30G Reservoir, Four Per Box

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Product Information

Maxforce Impact Roach Gel Bait is a completely new and reformulated bait having the active ingredient of Clothianidin, and it works better and quicker than all other products. This isn’t just another gel or bait, it's the new technology for baiting and its future. It is perfect for today's bait rotation strategies.

Maxforce Impact has a new active ingredient and an innovative white matrix that is specifically designed to combat aversion. It also has been given the EPA's reduced risk designation for cockroach control.

  • Contains none of the "Big 8" food allergens
  • Uses a clean and white bait that is much less visible in applied locations
  • Control German cockroaches overnight
  • Effectively controls cockroaches, small and large, including American, oriental, brown and smoky brown

Application rates:
Maintenance Program - regular monthly or quarterly use of 0.75 grams per square yard.
Light/Moderate Infestations - Use up to 1.5 grams per square yard.
Severe/Heavy Infestations - Use up to 3.0 grams per square yard.

Approximate weight per spot diameter
0.1 gram = Pea size spot
1.0 gram = Dime size spot
1.5 gram = Quarter size spot

Approximate weight per bead length
0.25 gram = 1.5" bead
0.5 gram = 3.0" bead
1.0 gram = 6" bead 

Each box contains 4 x 30 gram (1.05 oz) tubes of gel bait. A plunger is provided to expel the bait from the tubes along with tips.

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