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Ants No More Ant Bait Stations, 12 Stations

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Product Information

The Ants No More ant bait station is the homeowners choice of a bait station for outdoor ant control. The Ant No More Bait Station is made of rugged green polypropylene - so it blends with outdoor surroundings. The twin bait compartments allows use of two different baits simultaneously. It is highly tamperproof, waterproof, and due to it's innovative design, the bait will not spill out of the entry points. Read below for more information. These stations do not include bait. Ant bait must be purchased separately.

Active Ingredient: Must add your own bait; A different bait-granular, gel or liquid- can be placed in each of the two compartments.
Target pests: Ants
For use in: Indoor and outdoor soil; around homes, buildings, near shrubs, trees, flower beds or planter boxes, or wherever foraging ants are a problem.
Pet safe: Yes
Yield: Case of 12 stations.
Color: Green
Special Features: 4 ounce capacity
Manufactured By: Kness

Product Documents

The Ant No More ant bait station is the homeowners choice of a bait station for outdoor control. With a twin bait compartment, Ant No More allows you to add two of your own favorite liquid, gel, or granular ant baits. The choice of two different baits ensures greater attraction for all kinds of ants. Place the Ant No More bait station outdoors using its built in stake near shrubs, trees, flower beds, or wherever foraging ants are a problem by simply sticking it in the ground. Ant No More bait stations may also be used indoors by inserting it into the soil of planters. Foraging ants will enter the bait station and take the bait from one of two compartments back to the nest and share it with other ants, so the problem is eliminated at its heart - the nest. Ant No More bait stations come in a durable green polypropylene station that readily blends in with their surroundings so you don't sacrifice the appearance of your yard. These bait stations are also designed to be tamperproof, waterproof, and will not leak bait out of entry points. An interior sliding bait stop prevents spillage when the trap is inverted, provides greater safety, and reduces bait cost. DOES NOT INCLUDE BAIT.

To use your Ant No More Ant Bait Station:

1. Line up arrow on body with center mark on lift tab.

2. Push up on lid.
3. Push back across opening. Lid will easily pop up.

· A different bait-granular, gel or liquid- can be placed in each of the two compartments.
· Lid snaps on at any position
· Place in the ground up to the first entry and exit holes.

FOR CARPENTERS ANTS: A better choice for these ants is the ANT CAFES-LARGE , however Carpenter Ants typically do not prefer to take bait out of bait stations.

Suggested Areas for Bait Station and/or Bait Placement

For use in and around homes, commercial, industrial, institutional, food and feed handling establishments.
Any area where foraging ants are active.
Area below bath, and kitchen windows.
Wood piles.
Air conditioning entry points.
Cracks in foundation.

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