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Product Information

Exactly what is ActiveGUARD? ActiveGUARD is NOT a mattress or box spring encasement. It is designed like a fitted sheet (for a both mattress and a box spring) and has been scientifically impregnated with permthrin that allows an even, consistent, minuscule dose application directly onto a mattress and box spring over an extended period of time providing long term protection and effectiveness. Originally created for children and adults suffering from asthma and atopic diseases, ActiveGUARD was quickly shown to be effective against dust mites and Bed Bugs, in both laboratory tests and in the field.

ActiveGUARD is designed for easy installation on any mattress and box spring; going on just like a fitted sheet with its strong elastic edges holding the liner firmly in place. Long lasting. Completely odorless. Soft and comfortable, with NO sweating. Easy to use and no washing required. And it's effective for years.

Knockout Pest Control suggests a suspenders and belt approach if you have had Bed Bug infestation, suggesting that if you've HAD bed bugs in your bed that you use TWICE the protection. We suggest that not only to use ActiveGUARD to prevent NEW Bed Bug infestation coming into your bed, but that you take the secondary precaution and ALSO use a traditional Full Encasement approach to literally entomb any possible bed bug, bed bug nit, or egg within the encasement. Not only does this approach offer twice the effectiveness, but if you've ever had a Bed Bug infestation the peace of mind double the protection gives is immeasurable. And people can finally get a good night's sleep.

If you've NEVER had Bed Bugs and want to be PRO-ACTIVE then just using the ActiveGUARD liners offer pro-active protection to keep your bed free from Bed Bugs.
ActiveGUARD liners are available in 4 sizes: Single, Full, Queen, and King - and are great for use in homes, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, college dorms and anywhere there is a bed. Get one for your home, your parent in a nursing home, or kid in college. ActiveGUARD makes a GREAT gift!

This product has been long awaited for the control of bedbugs. It has not been available in the USA until recently, and demand has been strong. ActiveGuard is the first mattress and box spring liner designed to kill Bed Bugs and Dust mites, not just seal them out (or in). Products like this have been used in Europe for years with excellent safety and efficacy and have been finally approved by the US EPA and are now available in the US. Liners are sold singly and by bed size.

In one study, the majority of the bed bugs were killed in 24 hours and the Active Guard mattress liner achieved a 100% kill rate at the end of 72 hours. It will destroy bed bugs and dust mites for two years.

About ActiveGuard Mattress Liners

ActiveGuard mattress liners have been available in Europe and Asia (under the brand name Astex®) for almost ten years. Over 40,000 have been sold. Now ActiveGuard mattress liners have been approved for sale in the United States!

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs have made a strong comeback in the U.S, and are increasingly prevalent in homes, apartments, hotels, and dormitories. Bed bugs feed on human blood, and usually bite people while they are sleeping. Bed bug bites can be itchy and painful and may cause allergic reactions.

ActiveGuard mattress liners are proven to kill bed bugs in mattresses. Using ActiveGuard mattress liners is a great way to protect yourself and your family against bed bug bites. They are extremely easy to use, and go onto the mattress just like a fitted sheet.

Dust Mite Control

No more sprays and powders or wrestling to remove, wash and reinstall your mattress encasings every few weeks. Sprays and powders can cause allergic reactions and need to be applied regularly and accurately to be effective. Mattress encasings do not get rid of the dust mites - they continue to live and breed in the mattress while you are sleeping (1)(2). That's why we developed ActiveGuard.

ActiveGuard mattress liners don't just trap the dust mites, they kill them -- for up to 2 years, providing continuous protection with no regular maintenance required. Simply place ActiveGuard mattress liners on top of the mattress, beneath the mattress liner, and/or bottom sheet. ActiveGuard can be used in addition to a mattress encasing, or as a replacement.

ActiveGuard mattress liners have a special, controlled-release formulation that protects the mattress, and those sleeping above it, from dustmites and their allergens.

  • Long lasting - kills dust mites and keeps bedding clear for up to two (2) years
  • Also kills bed bugs in mattresses
  • Soft and comfortable: no sweating
  • Completely odorless
  • Easy to use, no washing required
  • Just pennies a day for superior, long lasting protection

Active Ingredient: 1.64% Permethrin

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